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Keith Mackie

Consulting Coastal and Harbour Engineer

Gold Medallist

Mistral Phone: + 27 (0) 21 790 2263
Fishermans Bend Mobile: + 27 (0) 84 626 2263
Llandudno 7806 e-mail: keith@mackie.co.za
South Africa

This site is dedicated to the work of Keith Mackie, Consulting Coastal & Harbour Engineer in marine structures in harbours, quays, jetties, wharfs and piers, marine corrosion and materials, in breakwaters, sea walls and revetments, and dredging. His particular speciality is dry docking in all forms, boat ramps, slipways, shiplifts, Syncrolifts© and floating and graving docks. He also has an agency for fenders & bollards and has done significant work in the restoration of historical engineering sites. He has written textbooks on Coastal & Harbour Engineering and on the Practice of Dry Docking Ships and gives training courses in these subjects.

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